Utilize the Power of Your Nervous System and Unlock Your Body’s Natural Healing Wisdom

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Utilize the Power of Your Nervous System and Unlock Your Body’s Natural Healing Wisdom


The fastest way to alleviate your suffering, improve your health, and to create a life that allows you to show up for the people you love in a way that feels good to you is to learn how to recover and regulate your nervous system.


And that is exactly what I help you do.

Benefits of Doing Natural Nervous System Work

You have the ability to heal yourself! Your body just needs a chance, just needs you to make some key internal shifts that will naturally realign you with your body's natural healing wisdom. And once you do that you get to take your power back, your life back, and your health and well being will blossom. Nervous system work is the work that shifts you into long term patterns of peace, ease, and wellness.

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The sense of being at ease within yourself, you being you, doing you. A natural smile. Authentic engagement. Inner peace. Nervous System work allows you to stop chasing symptoms and make sustainable and deeply nourishing root cause adjustments.

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Feeling good is easy! Your body knows how to heal, knows how to support radiant life force, knows how to exist in a state of vibrant health. A few key shifts is all you need to allow for the physical body to heal, repair, recover and FEEL GOOD!

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Spend your time doing what you love with the people you love! Show up for yourself and for the world in ways that feel good, that feel natural, that feel like you are living your best life.

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Signs and Symptoms of Nervous System Burnout

Nervous system burnout or dysregulation is a term that means that your body, your life is stuck in a chronic inflammatory / stress response, and you may be expressing any or all of the symptoms below. 

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Symptoms associated with poor mental health such as depression, anxiety, overwhelm, intense emotions, burnout, and insomnia are indications that your nervous system 'set point' has normalized a certain biochemical pattern and needs to be recovered and recalibrated.

silhouette of a person burnt out bent over in exhaustion with their hands on their knees and a wind up key in their back and low battery icon above them


Chronic pain, inflammatory conditions and frequent illness are symptoms of a nervous system that is stuck in a biochemical pattern that is predominantly inflammatory. These are signs that your nervous system has become chronically dysregulated and you are now experiencing physical symptoms.

icon of a silhouette of a brain & heart connected with a string dipecting disconnetion


A sense of worthlessness, lack of purpose, feeling disconnected, like you don't know who you are, or feel like you don't belong, are all symptoms of a nervous system that isn't allowing for your innate wisdom, your true nature to move smoothly within your body or your life.

Explore The Power of Natural Healing and Nervous System Work with These Offerings

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The ILLUMINATE Nervous System Roadmap will open for enrollment in December 2023.

Your nervous system is unique to you and so is your path to recovery. If you struggle finding balance, feeling healthy, if you navigate depression, chronic stress, or other symptoms associated with 'burn out' then you need to learn how work directly with your evolutionary nervous system. In this 9 week online class I will teach you everything you need to know about your nervous system, how it works and how to work with it, will give you the recovery and recalibration roadmap, + all the techniques you will need in order to tap into the truly transformational power of your nervous system. THIS CLASS CHANGES LIVES AND EXPANDS WHAT IS POSSIBLE! Are you ready!?

Doors Closed! Join The Waitlist.

Nervous System Nourishment

If you are trying to improve any single area of your life, whether it’s physical health, or mental or emotional well being, or you are desiring to expand and uplevel with more ease, a nourished nervous system is the place to start. 

NS nourishment is one of the most overlooked, poorly understood, and the most foundationally important components of a life well lived. 

A customized nourishment plan so that your nervous system can do what it does best which is bring peace, balance, well being and expansion into your life.

Nourish Me Now
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Flower Essence Activation

Flower Essences support nervous system work in all the right ways.

If you are working to repattern your nervous system you will want to begin working with the magic of flower essences. 

Introducing the subtle power of flower essences to your day to day life is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to work directly with your nervous system to shift and dissolve energetic patterns that are no longer serving you.

A customized Flower Essence blend specially formulated for your unique needs and desired shifts. 

Activate Me Now

Nervous System Deep Dive

A journey into your unique nervous system imprints where I help you to heal and expand your nervous system capacity to feel better, and to receive more ease, joy and pleasure.

If you are stuck in patterns of self sabotage, if you are tired of leading your life or responding to life from a place of pain, fear, anger, or victimization, it's time for a deep dive into the healing power of nervous system work.

A personalized deep dive package to help you feel better, meet your healing goals and help you ease into your expansion.  

Deep Dive Now
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Hi, I'm Julie

I have a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, am a Certified Clinical Herbalist and Flower Essence Practitioner and I am here to help you understand how to work with your nervous system to unlock your body's natural health and healing wisdom.

If you are ready to feel better from the inside out NATURALLY please reach out and connect with me!

My intention is teach you how to utilize the power of your own nervous system to help you powerfully transform your health and well being. 

Take your life back and spend it feeling better with the people you love! Your future awaits!

Are you ready to dive in?

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Julie DeVilbiss Nervous System Specialist

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20 minutes to connect, ask questions and determine if you could benefit from nervous system work and which service would be the best fit.

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Everything is energy, that your spirit integrates your physical body through a nervous system unique to you, and that your regulated nervous system is the doorway to your sustainable healing and personal expansion.

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