Hi, I’m Julie!


Through a unique evolutionary lens, I help you heal and recover your nervous system, and therefore expand what you believe to be possible for yourself.

Your nervous system is unique to you and so is your path to well being.



After decades of chasing the symptoms of depression, trauma, and chronic stress with no success, I finally learned how my nervous system worked (on a quantum level!), and how to actually work with it to recover my life, and my sense of self.

Through my evolutionary nervous system work I have tapped into all of this undiscovered intelligence, and a well of creativity, which I now recognize as a result of the work itself.

I am passionate about teaching you how your nervous system works, and how to work with it so that you may step into deeply nourishing and sustainable patterns well being, and to welcome ease back into your life.  

It's all here for you. (Within you actually;) 


Degrees & Certifications:

  • Bachelors of Science, Nursing
  • Golden Light Reiki Certification Levels 1 & 2, 1995
  • Thai Massage Certification, 2006
  • Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour, Davanna Yoga, 2014
  • Fundamentals, Advanced & Clinical Herbalism Certification, 2017-2019
  • Bach Flower Essence Practitioner Certification, 2019
  • Resonance Science Foundation Quantum Exploration 2020
  • Breathwork Mechanics, 2021
  • Trauma Informed Somatic Practices, 2022

My Approach


I help you understand how your nervous system works and how to work with it!  It's as simple as that.

I have an incredibly unique and simple approach to working with the nervous system. Through an evolutionary lens I close the gap between the academic and western medical understanding of the nervous system and its quantum functionality.

So you have a nervous system! Now what?

Through a blend of quantum education and techniques such as activations, guided meditation, breathwork, and somatic journeying, I guide you into learning to perceive and work directly with your nervous system.

My approach allows for healing, release, recalibration and expansion to take place not just on a cellular level, but in a way that harnesses the quantum field to support you! In this way my work is able to meet you right where you are and can gently and safely guide you on your healing journey and into your most natural state of expansion.

We do this work together. One step at a time.

And once you understand the work, once you learn how to ally with your nervous system, THAT'S IT! You get to take ALL of your power back and start living a life you actually want to live.

Do you need to recover your nervous system and reclaim your life? 
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