Here’s what people are saying about my work

Diane P.

Julie and her evolutionary nervous system work is the REAL deal. It isn’t just a collection of nervous system regulation techniques or mindset work that allows you to think your way into expanded states of consciousness and better health. It’s all of these things and MORE. So much more. It’s the individual deep dive into the imprints that need to be healed, released, and recalibrated so that life as you know it transforms from the inside out. SENSATIONAL in every sense of the word. 

Kara E.

Quantum nervous system healing magic life-changing goddess shit. That's how I would describe Julie's work. Give yourself the gift of working with her.

Carey L

No one speaks to the nervous system the way Julie does. She makes it actionable, relatable. She helps you understand how you work. Not how people work, or how nervous systems work in general, but how YOU work, how YOUR nervous system works. So that you can understand and come home to yourself in a way that is personally meaningful and grounded, so that you know the next step to take to get you where you want to go. 


Julie is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and genuinely invested. Through her nervous system coaching she has helped me establish healthy boundaries, honor my limits, and my needs. She has taught me simple strategies to soothe my nervous system and through her gentle guidance I now have a greater sense of calm and resilience and am able to navigate life with more ease. I am eternally grateful for her and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Gretchen Heinrichs MD

As a "Western medicine" physician I am very used to the therapeutic connection. Julie is able to take that to an entirely different level. In her work with you as an individual, part of a greater whole in this society and world, she masterfully integrates the analytical, rational, scientific theory and practices with the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of you to create a more meaningful and effective cure.  By bringing you into awareness of all these aspects of yourself, she creates a space that helps you realize that you are powerful, connected, and in full ownership of your place in this world."

Paula S.

My time with Julie felt like a major, cosmic, atomic, universal and quantu cheer. A cheer to my ability to love myself, to reach my goals, to make the world better. It felt like all the stars in the universe had their pompons in the air, telling me that I can do it. Her work showed me what I need to focus on, especially where I have failed to have my own back. It taught me the biggest lesson of my life: I need to love myself more, and the abundance of love will cascade not just through my body, but also through to everyone I love and everything I do. Her work has changed how I move through the world.

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